Reformer Package for Hydrogen Units

Only taken into consideration the years from 2000 up to 2011, ITT has realized more than 25 reformer packages.

ITT provides the complete mechanical design of all reformer package equipment on the basis of Reformer Licensor Process guideline. ITT long experience on these package is a guarantee of good performance of the entire package because during the last ten years we have co-operated with Licensor’s specialist in order to improve the small but critical mechanical aspects which improve the reliability of the package itself.

In more than one case ITT is involved and responsible of the erection of the package. In this case our specialists give to the project the necessary speed-up on all technical queries raised during the field work because already faced in the past projects and so perfectly known and successfully solved.

Process Licensors consider ITT a partner for a good success of the project because of our proven quality in engineering and fabrication of the package. Moreover our direct and continuous relationship with them create the opportunity for our Client to have the best possible product starting from the same basic design.

These and more are ITT Solutions for a better way to manage the fired heater systems and all its equipment.