Basic Detailed Engineering of Fired Heaters

ITT proven and consolidated Know How in more than 55 years of experience in fired heater design and engineering services is our Identity Card.

Each fired heater is design “Taylor Made” because process streams have different necessity on heat absorption or inlet outlet temperatures or velocity to be followed inside the tubes. Some fluids are sensible to an high fire exposure, or do not “like” to be divided in too much streams inside the heaters. The process fluids velocity inside the heater shall be calibrated among the delta temperature range of heater operation.
Each service has a critical aspect to be taken into consideration for a good and long life operation of the heater itself.

Reboiler heaters, Hot Oil heaters, Heat medium heaters, Stripper Reboiler heaters, charge heater, 1st stage preheaters, reactor heaters, splitter reboiler heaters, gas preheater heaters, topping heaters, vacuum heaters, atmospheric heaters, etc. are typical example of ITT experience on the fields. To have a complete overview of the entire range of process manged please refer to ITT reference list.

ITT experience on steam generation system can also assure the maximum possible capacity of ITT heaters to recover the waste flue gas temperature outlet in order to improve the efficiency and so the opportunity to use almost completely the LHV available from the fuel fired.

These and more are ITT Solutions for a better way to manage the fired heater systems and all its equipment.