Process Design Package and Revamping of Existing Heaters

Everything starts from a Client necessity.

Heater new design from zero to “Turn-key”?
Existing Heaters no more suitable for process operating condition?
Old heaters to be re-built in one module only, in order to be immediately installed?
Too much fuel gas or oil consumption?
Emission and environmental solution to decrease pollutant in the atmosphere from a fired heater?
Preliminary heater dimensioning to establish if enough space is available for new heater?
An old heater needs make-up because of too years of operation?
Re-utilize a existing heater for a different process stream?
A new process stream needs to be heated-up in the actual heaters?
Necessity of steam production in a presence of waste flue gas stream?
Why burners are not firing properly?
Why tubes bending in convection zone?
What is necessary for an heater more reliable operation?
The heater safety can be improved?
An heater manually operated can become an automatic heater?

These and more questions can be answered by our specialist because the field of the fired heater is our “Home Fields”. The Client single necessity can be deeply studied and verified in order to find the feasible solution available on the actual market.

These and more are ITT Solutions for a better way to manage the fired heater systems and all its equipment.