Design and Engineering Services

ITT Engineering service starts since the offer stage with a follow-up of the request for quotation suggesting possible design solution to improve system efficiency a cost decreasing for the unit.
Client satisfaction in this phase creates the best start for the contractual stage, where ITT can show the fiftyfive years experience with a “problem solving” mentality and the usual behaviour of the prompt reply to every Client doubt or request.

ITT can operate in the fields of:

  • New unit design & construction for fired heaters.
  • New unit design & construction for Steam reformers and methanol plant.
  • Feasibility study on existing heaters and reformer to solve critical aspects.
  • Feasibility study for fired heater to improve overall efficiency or produce steam by a dedicated flue gas recovering systems.
  • Study on emission possible improvement by means of all the instruments actually available on the market.
  • Cost impact and pay-out period evaluation for activities concerning the fired heaters.
  • Heater’s feasibility study to improve safety operation by means of instrumentation installation with the state of the art for the various equipment.

These and more are ITT Solutions for a better way to manage the fired heater systems and all its equipment.