sponsorshipWe believe that sport has a great value both ethical and educational: comparison, competition and athletics put our Vision on a par with sporting spirit.
The power of sport stand in its own values; first of all, it makes us compete with human limits, going into the knowledge of ourselves. So, sport should not be considered outside the areas of culture and civilization, two great ideals we believe in.

In fact, both in sport and in business, main values as comparison and costructing challenge are characteristic of a winning way of acting: that’ s because we promote and support Porsche CARRERA CUP ITALIA 2011 in order to improve Italian technological development in racing cars. This passion for technological progress reflects the spirit of our work: a continuos challenge to perfection for a costant overcoming of reached results, in order to achieve a higher and higher level of excellence.

ITT’s social engagement is not only Car Racing, but also other sport associations such as Football and Volley-Ball Teams of Santa Teresa and PCG Bresso for helping young athletes to practice their sports with the same enthusiasm and continuous improvement that characterize our own Team.

So, the activities we promote are a way to celebrate the world we live in, with its various and different forms, wich are still similar for strenght, ideals and way of feeling.