environment ITT has a wide experience in the revamping of the existing heaters in order to:

- Improve the safety and reliable operations
- Increase the heaters capacity/duty
- Improve the overall thermal efficiency.


The type of revamping depends from the investment cost compared with the pay-out period, feasibility study can be performed by ITT.

Main items for the revamping are the following:

  1. One (or two) forced draft fan with relevant motor and intake;
  2. One induced draft fan;
  3. One flue gas /air exchanger;
  4. New burners suitable for forced draft operations;
  5. One steam /air exchanger (only for particular condition due to sulphur presence in the fuel burned);
  6. Flue gas and air ducting system;
  7. Instrumentation;
  8. Castings & lining repair works;
  9. Re-tubing.