Research and Development

researchITT SpA puts a lot of attention in R+D activities as this is the precondition of best servicing our Client with the most updated technologies based on the most updated design methods. In fact ITT SpA has ongoing R+D activities on both new products well as new design tools.

Among the others:


ITT SpA is developing complex Thermal Oxidation and Integrated Waste Heat Recovery Systems from Diesel Power Generation Engines Exhausts from Biomasses Gasification and Plasma Torching cleaning plant. The first of such unit is scheduled to be on stream in 2012.

ITT SpA is developing a fully parametric design tool for conventional Fired Heaters based on a software application in 3-D Solidworks environment. This development, that will encompass the whole design process form thermal sizing to detail arrangement, will also include several side features (like FEM design of most critical components and other). When completed and validated, this tool will dramatically shorten project execution schedule while enhancing design accuracy and competitive sizing.

ITT SpA has developed and now is completing the full implementation of an integrated detailed design and construction engineering of very large and complex furnaces (Steam Reforners and the like) where the need for rigorous 3-D shop engineering (suitable for numerical control machining input) is coupled to an automatic production of a furnace envelope interface suitable to the most advanced 3-D Plant Design tools. This development has been done by selection the TEKLA software environment for the 3-D detailed structural furnace engineering interfaced to PDS or PDMS environment for the 3-D Plant Design activities and will be fully operational on "all" critical furnace design by ITT within the current year.