Vision and Values

Enhancement of people
People represent the heart of the engine of our success. The technical and managerial skills are an important factor to support ITT strategies and are considered with special care by current management.

Strategic Alliances
ITT aims to establish working relationships and partnerships with customers, agents, suppliers, co-operation staff. The purpose is satisfying the requests of our customers providing advanced solutions to their specific needs, creating synergies and added value through alliances with companies qualified for the development of international markets, establish relationships of trust and cooperation with suppliers and the other parties involved in the growth of the company.

Customer focus
Customer care is the focal point around which are organized and managed the various business functions. Innovation, flexibility and fast response to customer are the prevailing key values at every level of our business structure.

Quality, safety and reliability
According to our policy, the utmost attention is dedicated to comply with quality standards, products certification at independent European Bodies and the compliance with the rules dictated by international standards. ITT was awarded in 2003 the certification of its quality system as per UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.

Environmental protection
ITT works in compliance with applicable laws and environmental protection. Reduction of energy consumption, control of noise and of pollutants, are the principles applied by our people aiming at environmental protection.
Our challenge: to be farsighted
All parties contributing to ITT success know that thinking beyond the traditional patterns is the need, in order to rank first and compete successfully. Our challenge is to look into the future, to assume positions of leadership and achieve results increasingly ambitious.